Demon Slayer(鬼滅の刃) will be drop in town tomorrow!!!


We are just waiting!!! for you! Tanjiro!

The Cinema “Demon Slayer”(Infinity Train)鬼滅の刃-無限列車- will be released tomorrow in Japan. How we are waiting for you guys to show off. The cinema had huge incident for appear. Distribution company announced the cinema was releasing on April 2020. At that time, the world was locked down we had to stay at home causes pandemic of COVID-19 spread. And now, the cinema is in front of us tomorrow! Which is fantastic isn’t it?

Comic vol.22 was just released and its story is into the end at vol.23

There are some rumor Damon Slayer will end at vol.23. We will lose Damon Slayer, many fan will be Tanjiro loss, Nezuko loss, Inosuke loss…and Zenitsu loss…we all Demon Slayer loss. The story of cinema is little bit get back to the beginning of the story. Continues from the TV series.

LiSA’s New Theme for Damaon Slayer Infinity Train was relased 14th Oct.

炎-Homura by LiSA

Huge dramatic music clip was written by LiSA and Yuki Kajiura. It shows the stream of the story and imagination, dream of the inspiration for it.

And also, latest teaser was released…

This is pre open day review of Demon Slayer-Infinity Train-, because I am so waiting cinema is come in front of us science when its announced. Overseas will be next year but there was not announce yet, please be waited…


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